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Property Records Since for Counties Participating in

State County First Date
Texas Briscoe County 01/01/1901
Texas Colorado County 03/01/1971
Texas Coryell County 02/01/1995
Texas Crockett County 01/04/1982
Texas Culberson County 07/14/2009
Texas Dallam County 01/01/1950
Texas Deaf Smith County 01/01/1981
Texas Delta County 08/01/1937
Texas Donley County 03/25/1983
Texas Floyd County 05/01/1947
Texas Houston County 10/01/1896
Texas Hudspeth County 09/01/2007
Texas Irion County 04/01/1983
Texas Jack County 10/01/1999
Texas Kimble County 11/10/1972
Texas King County 05/16/1893
Texas Kinney County 01/01/1942
Texas Motley County 02/02/1920
Texas Presidio County 03/13/1998
Texas Real County 01/01/1992
Texas Swisher County 03/01/2006
Texas Terrell County 05/01/1994
Texas Trinity County 04/22/1999
Texas Willacy County 08/01/1998

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