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Why subscribe? is an Internet website that contains both property record and court case information from an ever-increasing number of the county clerks and trial courts. Registered users of can search’s database of property records as well as millions of court cases and millions of litigants. For property Records, registered users—depending on the chosen subscription plan—can search for documents:

  • by county
  • by first name, and/or last name, suffix
  • by grantor, grantee or both
  • by individual instrument number or range of instrument numbers
  • by a date range of filing date, i.e. from – through
  • by instrument type such as deed, lien, lease, probate, etc.
  • by Volume/Book – Page/Frame
  • By legal description

    Subscribers can obtain and view property record indexes, view documents; request copies of property records and more. moves the court house that was across the nation, across the state, across the county or across the counter, virtually, via the Internet, onto your desktop!

    Want to try it out? Click “Register now,” find the subscription plan that is right for you and put to work for you today.


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