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Date of Last Case Filed for Counties Participating in

State County Clerk Date of Last Filing
Texas Anderson County County 11/30/2023
Texas Angelina County County 11/30/2023
Texas Angelina County District 11/30/2023
Texas Aransas County County 11/30/2023
Texas Aransas County District 11/30/2023
Texas Bandera County District 11/30/2023
Texas Bandera County County 11/30/2023
Texas Bee County District 11/30/2023
Texas Bee County County 06/07/2023
Texas Bell County County 11/29/2023
Texas Bell County District 11/29/2023
Texas Bexar County County 11/29/2023
Texas Bexar County District 11/08/2023
Texas Bosque County District 11/30/2023
Texas Bosque County County 11/30/2023
Texas Bowie County District 02/14/2022
Texas Bowie County County 02/10/2022
Texas Brazoria County District 11/30/2023
Texas Brewster County County 11/10/2023
Texas Briscoe County District 11/20/2023
Texas Briscoe County County 11/29/2023
Texas Brown County County 06/07/2022
Texas Callahan County District 08/24/2018
Texas Cameron County District 11/30/2023
Texas Cameron County County 11/30/2023
Texas Cherokee County District 11/30/2023
Texas Clay County County 11/06/2023
Texas Coleman County District 07/14/2020
Texas Coleman County County 06/02/2020
Texas Collin County County 11/29/2023
Texas Collin County District 11/29/2023
Texas Collingsworth County County 11/30/2023
Texas Collingsworth County District 11/29/2023
Texas Colorado County County 11/30/2023
Texas Colorado County District 11/30/2023
Texas Coryell County County 11/30/2023
Texas Crane County District 11/30/2022
Texas Crane County County 11/16/2022
Texas Culberson County County 11/06/2023
Texas Culberson County District 10/30/2023
Texas Dallam County County 11/09/2023
Texas Dallam County District 11/13/2023
Texas Dallas County County 11/30/2023
Texas Deaf Smith County County 11/29/2023
Texas Delta County District 11/29/2023
Texas Delta County County 11/14/2023
Texas Dickens County District 10/27/2023
Texas Dickens County County 11/21/2023
Texas Donley County District 11/30/2023
Texas Donley County County 11/21/2023
Texas Duval County District 11/13/2023
Texas Eastland County County 06/22/2023
Texas El Paso County County 07/21/2023
Texas Floyd County County 11/14/2023
Texas Floyd County District 11/29/2023
Texas Franklin County District 11/29/2023
Texas Franklin County County 11/30/2023
Texas Galveston County District 11/29/2023
Texas Galveston County County 11/29/2023
Texas Goliad County District 11/20/2023
Texas Goliad County County 11/28/2023
Texas Harris County County 10/27/2020
Texas Hartley County District 11/28/2023
Texas Hartley County County 11/29/2023
Texas Hays County County 11/30/2023
Texas Hays County District 11/30/2023
Texas Hidalgo County District 11/30/2023
Texas Hidalgo County County 11/30/2023
Texas Houston County District 11/29/2023
Texas Houston County County 11/30/2023
Texas Hudspeth County District 11/06/2023
Texas Hudspeth County County 09/20/2023
Texas Hunt County County 03/21/2018
Texas Irion County County 11/13/2023
Texas Irion County District 10/04/2023
Texas Jack County County 09/11/2023
Texas Jack County District 10/26/2023
Texas Jackson County District 11/30/2023
Texas Jefferson County District 02/24/2023
Texas Jim Hogg County District 11/21/2023
Texas Jim Hogg County County 11/30/2023
Texas Jim Wells County District 11/29/2023
Texas Kimble County District 11/20/2023
Texas Kimble County County 11/27/2023
Texas King County District 10/16/2023
Texas King County County 10/12/2023
Texas Kinney County County 11/08/2023
Texas Kinney County District 11/07/2023
Texas Liberty County County 02/03/2021
Texas Liberty County District 02/04/2021
Texas Limestone County County 03/24/2023
Texas Limestone County District 03/27/2023
Texas McLennan County District 11/30/2023
Texas Milam County District 11/30/2023
Texas Milam County County 11/22/2023
Texas Montgomery County County 08/16/2023
Texas Motley County County 08/17/2023
Texas Motley County District 11/16/2023
Texas Nacogdoches County County 11/30/2023
Texas Nacogdoches County District 11/29/2023
Texas Ochiltree County District 01/31/2020
Texas Ochiltree County County 02/04/2020
Texas Oldham County County 11/08/2023
Texas Oldham County District 11/08/2023
Texas Orange County County 11/29/2023
Texas Orange County District 11/29/2023
Texas Polk County District 06/24/2021
Texas Polk County County 06/24/2021
Texas Presidio County District 11/02/2023
Texas Presidio County County 10/24/2023
Texas Robertson County County 11/30/2023
Texas Rusk County District 11/30/2023
Texas San Patricio County District 11/30/2023
Texas San Patricio County County 11/30/2023
Texas Schleicher County District 11/08/2023
Texas Schleicher County County 11/17/2023
Texas Scurry County County 06/23/2023
Texas Shelby County District 11/30/2023
Texas Shelby County County 11/21/2023
Texas Sherman County County 10/16/2023
Texas Sherman County District 10/30/2023
Texas Starr County County 11/30/2023
Texas Starr County District 11/29/2023
Texas Swisher County County 11/02/2023
Texas Swisher County District 11/09/2023
Texas Terrell County District 10/26/2023
Texas Terrell County County 10/19/2023
Texas Titus County District 11/29/2023
Texas Travis County District 11/30/2023
Texas Trinity County County 11/29/2023
Texas Tyler County County 11/29/2023
Texas Upton County County 06/23/2023
Texas Upton County District 07/05/2023
Texas Val Verde County District 10/31/2023
Texas Victoria County County 11/30/2023
Texas Victoria County District 11/30/2023
Texas Washington County District 11/30/2023
Texas Washington County County 11/30/2023
Texas Webb County County 11/30/2023
Texas Webb County District 11/30/2023
Texas Wharton County County 11/28/2023
Texas Wharton County District 11/28/2023
Texas Willacy County County 11/21/2023
Texas Willacy County District 11/30/2023
Texas Young County County 10/13/2020
Texas Young County District 10/13/2020
Texas Zapata County County 11/29/2023
Texas Zapata County District 11/30/2023

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