iDocket System Back to iDocket Home Page Subscribers Can Order Court Documents via the Internet users can order court documents with the click of a mouse button. users merely identify the desired document, click a button, select the document delivery method—fax, mail, or hold-for-delivery—and then allow the court clerk to charge the copying and shipping costs to the user's credit card. No telephone call or voice communications are required. is an Internet service which enables Internet users to search for and view court cases information from multiple Texas counties and courts. users can search for court cases information for a specific litigant, attorney, county, court, date or offense. After the user finds the desired court case, he or she can view the filing and disposition dates, the case type (arson, indecency with a child, divorce, etc.), disposition (jury verdict, agreed judgment, dismissed, etc.), the parties and/or attorneys involved, bondsman, court dates settings, and a list of all court documents. By clicking an Order button located beside the document name, an user can request a copy of the document.

Many courts participate in iDRS. For courts that do participate, an Order button appears beside the document identified on the Case History page. For courts that do not participate, no Order button appears.

The user who wishes to order court documents via the Internet must first provide billing information to the court clerk—typically this consists of the user's name, address and credit card billing information. Then, whenever the user clicks the order button, notifies the clerk of the court, who ships or faxes the documents as requested and then bills the user for the copying and shipping charges.

To register for iDRS, contact the court by telephone or mail, or, if the court has an Internet website, you may click the court's name on the Links page or you may click the court's name that appears with any court information displayed on

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