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iDocket's number one goal is to offer a quality service—we will always ensure that our customers are totally satisfied.

Below are a few of the comments we have received from District Clerks and/or iDocket users.

"Everything looks good at this end. I'm ready to go live if you are. I upgraded to Navigator 4.7. [iDocket] Doesn't give that java message anymore. Thanks for all your help and being sooooo sweet when I didn't have a clue what you were talking about at times. You did a great job and [made the process] painless for me.
Thanks again."

Marilyn Greer
Navarro County District Clerk


Congratulations are in order to you and to our Potter County District Clerk for the successful website, iDocket.com. With a few clicks of the mouse attorneys anywhere (yes, anywhere, not just Amarillo!) can access the Potter County civil dockets of our district courts, and county courts at law.

Searches for all cases in which a given name appears in the style, in which a designated attorney has entered an appearance, for cases of a particular type, and on the basis of several other categories are now possible. No longer is it necessary to go to the clerk's office and look at the fee docket book to see what has been filed lately, for example.

And I am pleased to learn that you will soon have Randall County on line in your program.

No doubt we will in a few years be able to use iDocket to get a copy of all court documents filed in any case. Think of this: If pleading could be filed by EMail and if the clerk's computer system were to save the EMail in the database now accessed by iDocket, your iDocket services could then perhaps permit the retrieval of the full content of the documents to be then downloaded to the computer in the lawyer's office. Similarly the clerk could possibly scan all filed documents to the data base in the same way.

Keep up the good work and bring us more!

Yours truly,

Jack Hazlewood"

Jack Hazlewood
Law Offices of Jack Hazlewood

"I use iDocket almost on a daily basis. It gives us access to cases, when citations were returned, and when answered were filed. We are able to look up attorneys and even court costs. I think iDocket is a very valuable service, and I am very glad to be a subscriber. Thanks again for your services."

Shawn Hinkle
Peterson, Farris, Doores and Jones

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