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September, 2012

Press Release

IDOCKET CHANGES USER AGREEMENT is announcing a change to their subscription plans effective September 10th, 2012. While searches will remain unlimited, searches in excess of the daily limit will be charged a per search charge. This charge is dependent on the subscribers plan.


                        Plan Type               Charge


                        Bronze Plan            $1.00 per search in excess of 100 daily searches


                        Silver Plan              $.50 per search in excess of 150 daily searches


                        Gold Plan               $.30 per search in excess of 200 daily searches 


Amelia Balderrama, spokesperson for iDocket said, “Our philosophy has always been that funding for our service should come from those who benefit from our service. That is why we offer our service FREE to the Counties. In an effort to contain costs for small firms, heavy search users are now going to be charged a surcharge to excessive searches.” This change is needed because we have experienced an effort to programmatically automate searches against our database, otherwise known as Data Mining. In an effort to prohibit Data Mining, we will control this violation of our user agreement by charging for

searches in excess of the daily limit.   



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