June 1, 2007

Press Release
Source: El Paso County

Contact: Hon. Gilbert Sanchez
District Clerk
500 E. San Antonio, Ste. 103
El Paso, TX 79901

Gilbert Sanchez, District Clerk Solves Social Security Number Dilemma

June 2007 – El Paso, Texas.  For most county and district clerks across the State of Texas, the prospect of implementing major changes in document security requirements, such as the recent Attorney General Opinion regarding social security numbers, was going to prove challenging. Aside from the logistical and technical compliance issues, there are significant financial hurdles to consider as well as developing plans to address all of the legal issues.

Gilbert Sanchez, District Clerk, is pleased to announce its redaction software is in place and has been thoroughly tested in partnership with iDocket.com. The District Clerk is among the first in the state to safeguard personal information such as social security numbers on their document images. Redaction software will exclude social security numbers from retrieved or subscriber requested images. When the recent Attorney General Opinion regarding the mandatory redaction of personal information such as social security numbers was released – shock waves went reverberating across the State of Texas. Clerks across the state and many businesses that provide services to clerks were not prepared – except iDocket.

“The windfall of this partnership is that the high cost of redaction will not be shared by the taxpayer and customer service will increase and traffic lowered within the office – everybody wins, ” states Gilbert Sanchez.

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