January, 2012

Press Release
Source: iDocket.com


Amarillo, Texas – January 2012 – iDocket.com is announcing changes to their subscription plans beginning March 1st. All subscription plans have been enhanced and in response to Customer request, now complete access to our web site can be achieved using CHIPS without requiring a prepaid subscription plan.

Commencing March 1st, upon renewal of their subscription, GOLD Plan subscribers will get the addition of 24 free CHIPS per year for annual subscribers, 6 CHIPS per quarter for quarterly subscribers, and 2 CHIPS per month for monthly subscribers. This plan is an excellent opportunity for attorneys, bondsman, media, research, and title companies using the GOLD subscription plan to view document images from select Clerks using CHIPS.

Silver Plan subscribers will gain the ability to view their CHIPS History allowing attorneys to perform “bill-backs” to their Clients.

Changes for BRONZE Plan subscribers will also include the ability to view their CHIPS History without incurring any charges. Additionally, will be an increase to $2.00 for searches by cause number, advanced search, and viewing case history. This plan is frequently used by individuals and infrequent users.

Subscribers using the free BASIC ACCESS PLAN will now have access to all features using CHIPS. These features are described in more detail in our Subscription Chart. The BASIC ACCESS PLAN is “pay as you go”- does not require a monthly subscription and the CHIP balance will never expire. This plan is ideal for one time or very infrequent access to court case information or documents.

All changes are effective March 1st, 2012.

To check out the changes please go to www.iDocket.com.



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