County Clerk Tina Petty joins and other counties for display of public court case information


New Boston, Texas – January 09, 2017 –County Clerk, Tina Petty, announced today the inclusion of court case information from the County Courts of Bowie County in an Internet-based website at The County Clerk joins a growing consortium of counties to display court information on the Internet.


Currently, 92 counties and 149 County and District Clerks across the State of Texas participate in’s online database including Titus, Hopkins, and Hunt to name just a few. is adding other counties to its database on a regular basis.


County Clerk Tina Petty states she is excited to offer this new service to the attorneys who practice in the County Courts of Bowie and any other individuals and entities that require information and can use easy access to this information. This also includes bail bondsmen and of course the general public. Tina states, “Court information will be easily available and accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By making this service available, customer service will increase and personal traffic and telephone requests are being reduced saving taxpayer dollars while still protecting personal information."