April 2, 2012

Press Release


Amarillo, Texas - April 2, 2012 - The most fundamental and important aspect of displaying records on-line for is document security. iDocket has time tested procedures in place to ensure county records are protected to the greatest extent possible.

Access to iDocket records on-line is through a subscription service only with valid account holders. Each subscriber provides us detailed personal and active credit card information, as well as completing a Memorandum of Agreement before being allowed access to document images.

Each document image has the social security numbers redacted before release. Indexes-only on-line, have very limited information with the only identifier being dates of birth on criminal cases.

Unauthorized use of our website would be risky, time consuming and costly. has 12 years of experience providing indexes and images online free to Clerks. Using our service to place clerk’s documents on-line with iDocket provides a FREE valuable and safe service to clerk’s constituents as evidenced by the large number of attorneys, paralegals and other professionals using for their access to court records.


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